November 4, 2013

Life in Tenerife II

Hey there,
although it doesn't feel like, it's already been two months since I'm here in Tenerife, and it has been great! Lots of fun and lots of new people.
This month we had our on-arrival training here in La Laguna, and voluntaries who are here in the Canaray Islands, from all over Europe came to La Laguna. There were people from Germany, Holland, Austria, Poland, Italy, France, Hungary, Greece, Serbia and me from Portugal. This lasted a whole week, and we had a lot of fun, our trainers were Ana and Javi, both from main land Sapin, Andaluzia. they were great! Everything we had to know or learn about EVS they thought us through games or little competitions between groups. 

During this training we got the chance to exchange ideas and no bout the different projects in the islands. It was great, because we also got new ideas for our project and vice-versa. The interaction was just amazing and an experience that I will never forget.

In the mean time, after our training, we had to get back to our normal life of workshops. We started a new one in which we recycle old T-shrits into something different, like scarves, bracelets, etc. In our first workshop with clothes there were only 4 people, but it was great all the same. When there are smaller groups the interaction is different and more personal, with larger groups we can't always be sure that the people fully receive the information that we give. But no real worries, it is always good either with small or big groups :)

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