September 29, 2013

Life in Tenerife

In this blog I want to tell the story of a portuguese girl in the wonderful island of Tenerife. I applied for an EVS (European Voluntary Service), for those of you who don't know what it is, it is a programme financed by the EU, in with youth from all over Europe can participate. In my case me programme will last 9 months, but there are many other fantastic opportunities. For more information please feel free to look into my organizations website: :)

I arrived in Tenerife on the 31st of August and i was blow away by the beauty of the city of La Laguna, with it's very colorful streets and in worm-welcoming people. 

Since I've been here, I've already done so many great things, either in my project either on my free time. My project consists in organizing workshops about responsible consumption, saving and about how we can benefit from helping the environment. We organize workshops about how to do simple things, like making creams from aloe vera, soap from recycled olive oil, marmalades and how to make furniture with carton. 

The best part of these workshop is the interaction with the people, and the opportunity to learn the language, since you have to talk to the people, and they don't know any language besides spanish, but it's great. And also the look on peoples faces when you teach them the most simple things on how to save, or how to do things environment friendly, is always of surprise because they never imagined that the most simple things can make such a difference. 

And at the end always traditional photo with the participants for future memories :)

And not only do I have the opportunity to try to make a difference, but I also get to enjoy the island and all of its beauty: 


Punta de Teno:

Punta de Hidalgo:

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