May 28, 2014

A very much needed Update :) (part 1)

Hola chicos :)

sorry for the unforgivable delay in my blog, but i'm just not a very "blogy" person. Well, here come the updates and highlights of my EVS project since the beginning of December.

December starts with a great
night called Noche en Blanco. In this night all of La Laguna comes alive, they light up the Christmas lights, all the shops are open and there is music and all sort of activities in the street. There were people dancing in the streets, so i toke the opportunity to lean some moves of "swing" :) it was a very fun night!
I also made a Christmas tree for the flat :)
We did a couple of more workshops this month, but the Christmas was just around the corner and i had to start pacing to go home for the holidays. The short time that I was in Portugal for the holidays was great, I spent almost all of the time with my family. I was back in Tenerife for New Years Eve. We went for dinner and then went out to dance in Santa Cruz. The streets where full of people, everyone looked amazing. It was a real fun night spent with my awesome flatmates and friends.

January was a really slow month. We didn't have workshops because the calendar for the new year hadn't been set yet. But we still did a couple of things :) The scouts invited me and Edyta to participate with them in a parade. It was called the Cavalgata de los Reyes, and we had to dress up for the occasion! They gave us costumes of the helpers of the 3 Wise Man, in Spain it is them who give out the presents, not Santa Claus.
In this month we also started planing to cultivate a small piece of land that was offered by Aida, a spanish volunteer who had just finished her EVS in Hungary.
We also continued with our english workshop with the scouts, and I went to visit the Museum of Science with Márti (one of my flatmates) and a friend of ours, Matteo, an italian astrophysicist that is finishing his masters degree here in Tenerife. He was like our own private guide. It was lots of fun to discover about the universe.
Finally at the end of the month, me and Edyta had our mid-term evaluation. We travelled to Málaga in mainland Spain. when we got there, we then had a 40min drive by bus to get to our final destination, Los Molinos. Here we met the other volunteers that came from all Sapin. We where about 120 volunteers. Though out the week I got to meet some of them, it was impossible to talk to all of them. They divided us into groups and that made it easier to get to now some of the people. The week went on great, with lots of activities and a lot of food (maybe too much food). Some of my favorite activities include the night we all had to present the region of Spain we were living in, the afternoon we spent in a town near by called Antequera and the last night where each person could show a dance or a song from their own countries. To check out the fotos:

February. Right after I came back from Málaga, the next day I was already on a boat with Márti to go visit Gran Canaria, another island of the archipelago. We toke some vacation days and stayed there for five days, five incredible and relaxed days. We went to the beach, we went hiking (and got lost, but we found a really nice guy showed us right way to go), we made dinner for our hosts, we visited the capital of the island and a lot more :) It was really something that we both needed, just to relax and enjoy another island.
Finally the new calendar for our workshops came and we started working to have everything ready. We had to start gathering all the materials and making the necessary experiments and adjustments to make sure everything would go right.
Finally the workshops began after almost 2 months of waiting. :)

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